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Church in early springChurch in early spring

Rev. Crisitina NordRev. Crisitina Nord

From Rev. Christina Nord.

 Sunday, June 27th - 5th Sunday after Pentecost

There was a woman with an incurable disease, and she’d had it for a very long time.  There really was no hope.  However, she’d heard of this Jesus, this healer, so when she knew he was coming through town, she decided that if she could just touch him, she would be healed.

So, in a very humble act of desperation, she touched the hem of his garment, knowing she would be healed.  In fact, we know she was.  Jesus, on the other hand, was distracted by the crowds pushing against him as he walked, and yet, he knew the moment she was healed, because He felt power going out of himself.  God, working in and through Jesus, healed that woman.

The reason he was walking, however, was to go to the bedside of a young girl – her father had come to Jesus to ask for healing for her, for his little girl.  This was a big request, because this father, Jairus, was a leader in the synagogue, and the leaders of that time were all trying to keep people from following this Jesus.  But, you know, he was a father first, and needed help.

By the time Jesus got to the man’s house, he was met by people who told him to not bother, the little girl was dead.  Jesus went on, went into the room, took the father and mother in, and a couple of disciples, and simply said, “Little girl, get up.”  And she did.

Remember the paralyzed man to whom the same thing happened – he was still alive, but paralyzed, and Jesus told him to get up, and he did.  The 10 lepers that came to him one day, asking to be healed of this terrible, incurable disease, and he told them to go to the priest, as was the custom, and have the priest examine them, and as they turned and walked along that way, they found themselves healed.

Now, remember last week when we read about Jesus, in the middle of the storm, making the wind and the waves simply stop, at this word?  And the disciples turned to each other in amazement and asked, “Who IS this man?”

There’s the question:  Who is this man, Jesus?

For starters, he is the Son of God.  From the book of Wisdom we read, God created us for life, and made us in God’s own image.  So the Son of God, acting on behalf of the Father, brought life, wherever he went.  Brought healing, and lifted all those bowed down in disease to new life.

Lamentations says, the steadfast love of our God never ceases.  And if there was ever one who calls us to love, it’s Jesus.  When he was pressed by his disciples to give them the most important command there is, his answer was love the Lord your God, love your neighbor, and love yourself like that.

In our psalm the cry is, “Lord, I cried to you for help, and you healed me.”

Who, then, is the one who says in other places in scripture, “It is not I that do these things, but it is the Father.”  And, “The Father and I are One.” Even as he is on trial, and Pilate says, “don’t you know I could have you killed?” and he says, “with one word, I could call all the armies of heaven to my defense, but I am not of this world.” My kingdom is not of this world.

And it is true that we are not of this world.  We, who follow Jesus as the Messiah, who know God the Father to be both Son and Spirit, are in the world, but not of the world.

This Jesus, healing the sick, the lame, blind and even the dead, declares that the Kingdom of God is what he brings to us.  A way of living that turns upside down what we have been taught to value, if we were taught that our life is about achievement, getting ahead, living a nice, even comfortable life, and that we really shouldn’t be suffering, at all.

This man values none of these things.  Jesus says to us, suffering will always be with us, and our task is to see that the world we live in is just, and that we are people of truth, mercy, allowing God the Father to work through us, too, forgiving ourselves and others so we can be free to our work.  Our work is like his work in that we are called to see the poor, the oppressed and those in need.  We are called to demand justice, dignity for every human being, and be careful stewards of God’s created world.

This man came into the world, Scripture says, to say, believe in me and you will have life everlasting.  And that’s because God’s love is for each one of you, loving you even before you know it.

He’s not just a healer, definitely not a miracle worker, but is a human letting God be known through everything he says and does.  In the end, we discover, he accepted God’s will that he be put to death, carrying in his body all the sin of the world, all the evil the world could gather and throw upon him.  By his saying yes to God’s will, in his death God raised him to life, overcoming any idea that death, sin, is final, and making sure we see that Love overcomes Hate, Life is stronger than death, and he broke into our world to bring forgiveness, to bring us to the Kingdom of God, to cover us with mercy so we can reach for new life.

This man is the one whose birth brought all heaven to sing out with joy.  He is the one who says to us, “you are the light of the world” and he knows, because HE brought light into the world.  We talk about God being Trinity, because we can see God’s face in the face of Jesus.  The one who became human, so that there is nothing we can go through that he literally hasn’t seen about human beings, about our world, and is also the one who now is returned to the throne of Almighty God.

There’s more to this world than we know, and more than this world we can know.  We are in this world, and we are fully known to our God, who made us, to Jesus who said he will always be with us, and the Holy Spirit who fills us with all that Jesus teaches, all that the Father wants for us.

Who is this man we follow?  Well, he tells us that everything he does comes from God the Father, and everything he does is in the name of Love. He asks only that we believe, and let him take our hearts of stone, replacing them with hearts of flesh an love.

Bishop Curry issued a new statement this week, and here’s part of what he says – speaking of those who follow Christ and are baptized in his name, we are to “…turn, to repent, to turn in a new direction, in a new way and by righting all wrongs as best we can. To do that by repairing any breaches, as we are able, to help and to heal, and to join hands together to make God’s beloved community real.”  Let it be so.  Amen.



Faithfully, Christina+

Christina Nord



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